Thursday, June 26, 2008


E second shoots for me during weddings. I saw these lanterns at the reception, but never got a chance to get over them to take a photo. In my minds eye, I saw them at a different angle. E shot them straight on. I enjoy seeing his perspective because it's interesting to me that two people can see things so differently. Neither good, nor bad. Just different. So, one photo is his SOOC shot, (straight out of camera) & the other is my PS play.... I have to say, I loved how this family decorated their farm...not just for the wedding, but their day to day decor was beautiful too! Anyhow...just a little play as I am finishing up the photos from this wedding.... Notice that one latern isn't lit...the glass was missing from that lantern & the wind must have blown out that light. ;)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I love this couple!

Jason is so friendly that he made friends with the most commited bee ever. This bee followed him, (FOREVER) until he smacked it right at his fiance. The bee then became stuck in her hair. She bent over to try & shake it out & Jason started yelling, "get me some water!". Jenny says, "uh, your not dumping water on my head". I rip a flap off of my flash diffuser & Jason & I picked through her hair until he got it out. We dove for the nearest cover. Which happened to be the Oakland Tavern. I was laughing uncontrollably. It wasn't funny that Jenny almost got stung, it was funny that Jason was dancing around trying to get the bee off of him & he smacked it & it landed right in her hair. Then got stuck in there. She was so calm! I am looking forward to their wedding! They are so much fun! I just hope that the bees stay far away!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Experiencing a miracle

Yesterday, I had the most amazing experience. I was able to document the labor & delivery of my friends, Bryan & Kellie's new little girl. I have gone through most of the photos, but will finish up tonight after E gets home. I don't want to post any until Bryan & Kellie see them. Kellie did so awesome during the labor & delivery. She had a drug free, very quick, Pitocin induced labor & delivery. She is my hereo! I have been there, so I know that it's not easy, (labor that is). It's the hardest thing that I have ever experienced & Kellie made it look so easy. She would focus when a contraction was coming & then she was back to smiling & chatting. I love seeing her in the photos because you can see her concentration in one & she is back to her beautiful, smiley self in the next. There are not words to describe the emotion that you feel when you see a new creature making her entrance into the world. I am so grateful that they allowed me to be a part of their daughters birth. Congrats Trenkles! Karsyn Ellise is precious!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thank you Amy!

For the pics! My friend, Amy, emailed me these photos of the kids. I can't believe how much they have changed! J's hair was so long! The photo of J crawling on the bark chips. That was pre-walking. It hurt his knees to crawl on the chips, so he improvised. The photo of M was at the Enchanted Forest on her 3rd bday. That was her first "solo" ride. She had a blast bumping the boys. I remember her making her cousin, (he is 3mo younger) cry because she kept backing him into a corner & ramming him w/ her boat. Look at her cheeks! She has lost her "baby cheeks", but K's are exactly like hers were. It's amazing how quickly time goes by. Cherish the moments!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


As a parent, you are constantly receiving advice on how you should raise your kids. When M was a baby, I was always hearing that she should give up her binky, (she gave it up at 15mo), or she needed to be potty trained by 9mo (yes, people honestly believe that). For the record, she was potty trained at 22mo. Now, I hear that J should give up his "tag" (blanket). My thought is that he probably won't be taking it on dates when he is older...he will give it up when he is ready. I also get, "so, how long are you planning on nursing K?". Well, my thought all of those things is, "like each family, we will be done when it is right for our family". Well, I thought that I was ready to be done nursing K, (now that we are ready to move on to a bottle, I hear, "I CANNOT believe that you would stop before he is a year. Really? Does it bother you that much? I have been told that I am mean. Hmm...really?). He will be 10mo in 2days. I was anticipating the worst when it came to weaning K. I thought that I was going to gradually cut back his feedings and that I would still get to comfort nurse him before bed & naps. Once he learned how to take a bottle, he decided that it was much more convenient than nursing. A week after starting him on the bottle, he is refusing to nurse. I thought that was what I wanted, but it went much faster than I had anticipated. Bottle feeding is a bit annoying to me. It's much more convenient, (for me), to not have to worry about preparing a bottle, but I am not going to go back because it just doesn't make sense to reverse the progress. He had another big achievent this weekend. He is finally sleeping in his crib! He loved his carseat & bunting, (Mark & Heather, we have loved that little bunting so much! Thank you!) so much that he has insisted on sleeping in it, (since birth). He has outgrown it, so I have been working on getting him into his crib & sharing a room with his brother. I attempted to get a photo of him sleeping in his crib, but he was facing a direction that was not conducive to achieving a flattering angle. Oh,'s just a mommy shot. :) I put a fuzzy blanket in his crib with him, hoping that it would remind him of his bunting...he likes to be touching a piece of it at all times. I know that I am in trouble...once again, I have a boy with a WHITE lovey blanket. I'm not sure if it's the formula, solids, or sharing a room with brother, but he is now sleeping in later. We are so blessed to have sleepers. Our kids sleep until 9 or 10am almost every day. We need to start working on getting M up earlier so that she can be used to it when school starts. Speaking of M...she has already lost 2 teeth. They are fully grown in already. She has had 5 teeth loose for about a year. She refuses to wiggle, or let us wiggle them. She was playing outside today & bonked her knee on her mouth. Blood was spurting everywhere & one of her top teeth is now hanging by a thread. I offered to yank it, but she went a little wild at that thought. She insisted on applesauce for dinner & is talking so that her tongue doesn't touch her tooth. We're hoping that it doesn't fall out in her sleep. It's hard to tell in the photo...but the tooth is just hanging there. This was taken after I had gotten the blood cleaned up.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Today was an exciting day for Miss M. It was her last day of Kindergarten. She also had an "un-birthday" party at school. She has a summer birthday, so we brought cupcakes & celebrated with her classmates. The cupcakes were a big deal to her. They were orange & black. Her teacher is a UofO fan. The kids are (mostly) OSU fans, so they have an on going feud with Mr. G. They write things like "go Beavers" on their reading, M wanted to bring orange & black cupcakes. Mr. G asks each birthday kid if they want the class to sing "fast" Happy Birthday, or "slow" happy birthday. Then he sings the song while making the kids do a crazy dance. So, this is M having a sloooow birthday song. I was trying to take a photo of Moriah in her birthday hat & she kept putting the artwork in front of the lens. Her best friend is standing behind her. The girls are so sweet to eachother. They have gifts for eachother almost every day. Usually colorings from their coloring books. So, this was M's gift from her friend, Cassie. We have a paper bag full of these from the entire year. I love their class. I hope that they all are able to go through school together. All 19 of them love, encourage & take care one one another.
Another milestone: M had her first movie theater experience. We went with several classmates...that is a story in itself, but I shall not blog about my daughters "crushes". hehe! We saw Kung Fu Panda & she ditched me to sit with her friends, (or should I say a boy that is a friend). Kung Fu Panda is a MUST SEE!
Well, I am sad that Kindergarten is over for Miss M. A wonderful lady, Tanya, made a slideshow for each one of the kids to take home. Mr. G played it during the party today. I was a wreck. So were the other moms. E was the only dad that went & he was looking a big uncomfortable at the sight of all of us weepy moms. He was rescued tho. He glanced out the window & spotted his softball coach. So, he made a sneaky exit. Anyhow, it was a great year & I am feeling a bit nostalgic. Mr. G is an amazing teacher & his assistant is wonderful as well. We were blessed with a great year.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

More Than Weeds

E has been busy with finishing our patio &, the lawn mowing has been put off, (I am so thankful for this man who takes care of us!). (I would attempt to mow it, but that results in E laughing at me being dragged behind the mower - the last time this was done was when I was pregnant with I'm sure he had a reason to laugh). So, our yard has been over taken by dandelions & daisys. The kids were playing outside & I was working on inside chores & hanging with K...M came to the door & said that she picked me some flowers. We put them in a shot glass, (the kids call them 'the little vases'). I always tear up when they pick flowers for me. So sweet to think of me in the midst of playing. I felt that these flowers needed a session of their own.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Unsigned Artist

Yay! I finally got to meet Miss A! She was so sweet & smiley, (she was being serious for a moment in this shot)! Gotta love a happy Rocker Chick with a faux hawk! :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008


K was cruising around today & I felt an overwhelming urge to make time stand still. I don't know if it's just a mom of three thing, but I can't help but reflect on how quickly time passed for the first two. M started walking at 10mo & J started walking at 15 months. K is starting to pull himself up & I am realizing that the baby stage is passing too quickly. So, I just let K "do his thing", (teething & playing) & followed him around with the camera. We had an "outfit change" due to a leak.... The little "house" is a "hand-me-down" from J...and K LOVES it! I love the way his little, chubby fingers look when he holds his toys. E came home & K was waiting at the top of the stairs. E scooped him up. K tugs at E's face & E rubs his whiskers on K. I just threw a couple of storyboards together. The board of K & E...I will have that printed as a 20x15 on matboard. I will have the other printed a bit smaller...14x11.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Beautiful wedding!

This was such a beautiful wedding! Not just the decor & usual wedding bliss, but both families were so welcoming. E & I decided that we want to adopt them! The grooms family traveled all the way from the east coast...let me tell you...those east coast personalities & accents were so much fun! Thank you Jenn & Pete for sharing your beautiful day with us! Thank you Heidi for all of your help in rounding up the masses! Here are just a couple for a sneak peak for the bride & groom.


Life has been very interesting with a 9mo old & a puppy. There is never a dull moment, that's for sure! Blu is a sweet little guy & loves the kids & they love him just as much. The cat doesn't mind him, so far. She does think that it's great fun when we put him in his crate. She prances by & we just know that she's thinking, "neener neener neener. You're in there & you can't get me".

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Camo Man

This little man is surrounded by wonderful, special people. I thought that K was the happiest baby ever...well, this little man takes that prize! K is a close second tho! :)