Monday, April 20, 2009

A bit disapoointed

I don't usually touch on current events or gossip, but I couldn't stay away from this one....I didn't watch the Miss USA pageant...could care less about pageants in general...parading around in a bathing suit and/or evening wear is just silly to me. Anyhow, I was interested to see this
all over the news. It's amazing that heterosexuals are often told that they are "narrow minded". This is the Miss USA pageant, for starters...isn't it a little bigoted of a homosexual to not allow a contestant to her own opinion? It was sad that it was obvious why he asked her the question. It's too bad that Perez Hilton is so narrowminded & shallow, (well, duh! what would I expect from a trashy gossip columnist), that he wouldn't respect somebody elses personal/moral beliefs, (we're supposed to respect his). It's also surprising, to me, that the pageant wouldn't want to try to protect itself a litte more. For years, there have been groups trying to get the pageant "shut down". Why trash it up even more by allowing a skeezy gossip columnist on as a judge. I was impressed that Miss California didn't give a "canned pageant response", she was courageous enough to be honest about her feelings. It's too bad that people have to bully others into not being comfortable enough to have, let alone share their opinions.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Practicing for the big egg hunt

K plopped down in the middle of the floor with a basket full of treasures...getting a head start on the egg hunt? At least he won't be too shy to buy feminine articles for his wife someday...or maybe he'll gain that inhibition down the road. ;)

Monday, April 6, 2009

A taste of summer

I am so anxious for summer to be here! Yesterday, the big kids & I planted starts for the garden while E mowed & K napped. We planted cilantro, (for the heck of it...we're also going to get a plant because we have terrible luck with cilantro), green onions, radishes, bush peas, bush beans & spinach. We will be planting more next week, sweet potatos for sure...I haven't decided what chard, maybe. We drank lemonade & munched on strawberries as a reward for our "hard work". We had gone to church, so the boys were still wearing their polos & they just happened to match...I got the grand idea to make an attempt at getting a photo with the threesome.... So, it started out with all three of them showing me their bummies, (why does K have to do EVERYTHING they say?)...then I resorted to paying them a dollar (the big kids). J still wouldn't fully cooperate, but oh well...the photo is him...little cheesehead that he is.
We found out that our greenhouse is arriving two weeks early...TODAY! So, E & I will take down our shed, relocate it & then assemble the greenhouse. Yay! The last time he took the shed down, he did it by himself & it toppled on him...he didn't get hurt, so I found it humorous...him...not so much.
oh, I have to add...I adore the photo of K realizing that he can see his cute self in my lens. & the photo of M's not often that I can capture her just being carefree...cuz she's a poser. plus, who doesn't love a little hair static. lol :) the photo of J & the shovel is my fav of him...he was whacking a rock & i was screaming "oooooowwww!". He's like takes a lot for a belly laugh from him...he just gets a big grin that I love!