Friday, February 27, 2009

Miss D!!!

Ok, ok...I've been getting in trouble because I'm a blog slacker.
I was asked to take photos at the Winchester Mother/Son night. My good friend, Sarah, was my assistant for the night. We had a great time. The moms & sons had a great time too! I would post pics...but I was too shy to get signed releases from anyone. The Melrose Mother/Son night is coming up, so I will post some pics from that event.... Next week is St. Pauls school carnival. I am so excited to be taking photos there! It is a Luau theme & we will have a fun set up.
My sis & the fam came over today. We got some pics of the kiddos & little sis. It had been too long since I have seen them! They were so great! They even helped me change backdrops...I think that I have some assistants in my future! Check out Big D posing! Miss D was so great through all of the outfit changes. She loves being naked & her favorite thing was nibbling on her toes. She is so sweet! If somebody walks in the room, she reaches for them, as if she's saying, "hello! hold me!". She is so charming & beautiful! I haven't finished proofing the pics yet, so I haven't gotten to big sis' pics. I am going to get the big kids outside next much more fun!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our Babies

Just some snaps of the kids...for those of you that haven't seen them on my facebook account. Great Grandma gave the kids some stuffed animals that play Elvis songs. Kale LOVES them & has claimed them all. He hasn't parted with them since receiving them a few days ago. It's so cute to see him so taken with something. He usually isn't entertained by any toy for more than a few minutes.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Update on Miss D

No...I'm a loser & don't have an updated photo of her. Our family has, once again, passed ear infec, bronchitis & pneumonia around, so we were holed up most of last week. We're all better now. But, life has been so crazy that my sister had to schedule a session. I'm a bad Aunt! So, we're on for next week.
Well, I think that my sister has reached her limit of frustration with the docs at OHSU. They don't know anything, so each visit is a "wait & see" visit. They are learning from Miss D. Why can't they give her a list of doctors/specialists? Why do we have to hunt for all of the information online? Each visit is a complete waste of time & $ doesn't pay for it. Her affected leg is quite a bit shorter than her other leg. My sister has joined an online support group & has met another mom (also named Jill) that has a baby with the same issues as D. She has been a great resource & has shown my sister that there are surgical options for treatment & given her names of specialists & doctors in the midwest & east coast. What a blessing! Just a little bit of knowledge offers hope & comfort. I'm trying to get Jill to set up a caringbridge site to start journaling...maybe it could help other families in the future, give her something to look back on or just give her a place to journal her thoughts.

The doctors at OHSU should at least educate on basic things like this list (most of which are common sense, but come on):

Things to do:

1) Swim 3 times per week. Swimming promotes a gentle stimulation of blood to circulate properly throughout the body.
2) For varicosities involving the leg, keep the leg elevated at regular intervals(15 minutes every 2-3 hours) or every hour if possible, so that the affected leg is higher than the heart. This allows the blood to flow away from the affected leg.
3) Wear a compression stocking on the affected limb throughout the day. This will help keep blood from pooling in the extremity. It will also protect the extremity from subtle trauma.
4) For KTS varicosities involving the arms you can get a custom compression stocking to wear. It has the same effect as for the leg by keeping blood from pooling in the affected limb as well as protecting the skin from direct trauma.
5) A cool bath in a tub with a small bath spa or water circulator will have a similar effect to swimming in that it will promote good circulation.
6) Cold compresses to the affected area can often provide temporary relief.
7) Pay close attention to your skin and seek medical care at the slightest sign of cellulitis (skin infection).
8) Wear comfortable shoes while walking even at home if you have varicosities of lower extremities or you have diabetic neuropathy (poor sensory function of feet in diabetics will not allow detection of pain induced by trauma).
9) Use creams or lotions to keep the skin soft and moist.
10) Use gentle soap for bathing or showering.
11) Dry skin may cause itching which after scratching can lead to small abrasions and increase the possibility of skin infection.
Simple things you can do to manage KTS Page 2
Things NOT to do:

12) Although still controversial estrogen has been attributed to venous and arterial thrombosis (clot formation). It is therefore advised that estrogen is best avoided in women affected by KTS. Women in their child bearing age or perimenopausal state should consult with their primary care or OBGYN physicians regarding estrogen use.
13) Do not sit in a hot tub or Jacuzzi as heat can cause vasodialation (Dilates the blood vessels). There is also potential for minor burn injury with hot bath that may lead to skin infection.
14) Avoid overexertion.
15) If varicosities involve your leg, avoid being on your feet for a prolonged period of time. Keep you feet elevated during the day as much as possible.
16) Avoid excessive lifting if you have KTS involvement of the upper extremity. Regular exercise is however encouraged.
17) Do not use an electric blanket or apply any heated device to the affected area.
18) Avoid tanning salons as it may cause skin injury.
19) Use an electric shaver for your legs. Avoid razors since they can result in small cuts of the skin which may lead to infection.
20) Exercise caution when cutting your fingernails or toenails of the extremities in which there is varicosities. Importance of this in patients who also have diabetes can not be overstated.

As for the regular, every day adventures of Miss D. She is letting it be known that she WANTS REAL FOOD. My sis is getting ready to start her on veggies. She also voices her opinions when she wants attention from her older siblings & eats up the attention from them. She likes to sit in her stationary toy & play with the toys, but her leg turns a dark purple when she's there for more than just a few minutes. Jill massages her leg with each diaper changing & when her leg does turn purple or gets "lumpy". D loves it. It's so cute to watch her relax...she just stares at mommy & you can see that she's in heaven!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. L!

OOOH! I love to watch little babies grow! (as my littlest is sitting here discovering that he gets attention when he makes burp noises...). I love babies at all stages, but the cusp of baby to toddler makes me wistful. Discovering independence, but still needing his mama. He even took a few steps at this session...I did get pics, but I want to save something for a surprise for his mom & dad. This is how the session went with Mr. L...happy to climb & play, but he let us know when he was done...with a yell, then a snuggle with his mama. I could have squeezed him! So precious! I have been blessed to be a part of several milestones in this families lives. Dylan James Clark is his grandpa (I still can't get over that Dylan is a gpa...and then he is a gpa several times!). I was able to be a part of Dylans album. His daughters marriage & I have been able to photograph this babe...twice! I love this family. So full of love for each other & they have enough room for everybody else too!