Thursday, December 27, 2007


I wanted to share a couple of highschool seniors! These girls were so much fun! They braved the freezing cold weather! The beautiful blonde made my day when I told her that I wanted to do a few shots in a laundrymat and she was up for it! I think that she will agree that they turned out great! She even braved the yucky floor for a few shots! I like to take a few "traditional" shots, but I make it a point to do something "out of the box" at each session.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wow! The year has gone by so quickly! It has been full of surprises, blessings, learning & growing. I have been wanting to start this blog to keep everybody updated with the changes and growth at Sheila Nielsen Photography and the antics of our family.

Of course, I had to show a few photos of our nutty family! The photo of Moriah is a page out of a Coffee Table Album that I designed for the kids. It is totally HER. Full of life & loving her critters! The photo of Jase is him getting ready to dump wet leaves all over me....

This year began with finding out that we were pregnant with #3, (we actually found out right before the New Year). What a surprise! Kale arrived in August. What an amazing little creature! It's so amazing to see the Lord's hand at work. I was so stressed my entire pregnancy. How on earth would I be able to manage THREE children! It seems so silly & humorous to me now. He is four months old & it is obvious that he was meant to be in our family! There is no other way to describe it...but our family is complete! It's also as if our life hasn't stopped. I was down for two weeks after the c-section, but other than that...we've been on the go, as usual. Moriah and Jase are constantly amazed at what their new brother is doing and learning. Kale is the happiest baby ever & is so content to watch his brother and sister playing around him. He is a photographers dream. If he is a bit fussy...he doesn't want to be held or rocked. He loves me to put him on his blanket so that I can play "peekaboo with the camera". Moriah loves that she has one more brother to practice her mothering skills on. It's so funny, Moriah loves bugs and creey crawlies. She was always getting in trouble when she was in pre-school because she would always sneak little critters into the classroom. She doesn't like baby dolls...but she loves to mommy her brothers. Moriah never ceases to amaze me with her wit and knowledge. She loves skeletons & how the human body works. Our great friend Summer sent her a skeleton that she can put together & I learned so much! Jase is my ornery little soul. I have always been a softie for a boy with a mischeivious heart. I wake up to a chair pushed up to the counter, a gallon of melted ice cream & an empty bowl on my entertainment center. We now have to hide the ice cream in the freezer in our garage. He is extremely independent and strong-willed. I could write a book full of "Jase" stories. I am so nervous for him to start school next year. A few minutes ago, I noticed that he was spending waaaay too much time in the bathroom and went in to check on him. The soap container has been emptied into his rinse cup & filled with water. I told him that he needed to get out of the water & he sweetly says, "but mom! I am making you a birthday cake!". Now how can I get upset with him when he is making me a birthday cake? HA! Erik gets more annoyed with me because I usually get out the camera before I reprimand Jase. I can't help it! You're only a kid once! At least I'm not the one that lets him pee on the patio!

I have learned so much this past year and cannot wait to see what the New Year has to bring! I returned from my maternity leave in October. I hit the ground running by photographing the kids at Roseburg Playschool Co-Op and then the following week, I photographed the kids at

I had so much fun with the kids! I had a week to play catch up and was blessed by the congregation at by spending a few days taking photos for their church directory. By then, the Christmas season was in full swing. I have to say, it was a crazy season, but SO MUCH FUN! I thank you all so much! A special thanks to the staff at RCF, escpecially Bryan and Amy, Jackie, Dave and Kelly and Bryan T.div>

On to the changes at Sheila Nielsen Photography. I am bursting at the seams because my new website is getting so close to being finished and up and running. I can't wait! I will be accepting credit cards as of next week. FINALLY! Thank you for patiently waiting!
Refer a friend! I want to thank my loyal customers who refer their friends! I would like to offer you a $25 print credit when you do refer your friends!

Another change that I have made, begrudgingly....I have raised my prices a bit to keep up with overhead and the ever changing market. New pricing will be in effect as of January 1st. You will see that it is still affordable and very fair. I will give a 5% discount for orders placed within two weeks of your session. Due to some "learning experiences", I will also have my policies stated clearly on my website and will be enforcing them. Please read them before scheduling appointments. Let me know if you have any questions.

There is one particular aspect of photography that I would like to become more involved with this year; birth photography. There is nothing more amazing to me than the miracle of life. Please contact the studio if you are interested in having the birth of your child documented.

Have a wonderful and blessed new year!