Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Or Klippel Trenaunay Syndrome. I've been researching my eyeballs out, but my friend, Michelle, came across this site & it's been the most informative, so far. Check it out to learn more about the syndrome. Thank you Michelle!
I had a good visit with Jill & Miss D today. Little Miss D was very happy & snuggly today. I got my snuggles in while the boys played with her big brother. Actually, the big boys spent the entire time trying to keep K out of their things.... :) It's hard to be the little brother/cousin. I told him that he just needs to wait for Miss D to get big & help him annoy the big kids. I'll post some photos within the next poor computer is being rebuilt this weekend & I can't add photos at this time. I must be patient. ;)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This crazy life

I am finally finding the time to blog's been insane! It's been an mad house of school photos, senior photos, Melrose carnival, holiday mini sessions & a fun maternity session....& battling strep & pneumonia in the midst...all better now!
We're also learning a bit more about my niece & Klippel Trenaunay syndrome. It's been a bit of an emotional day...she's had some things come up that can be a bit scary...I don't feel like blogging about it until we know more...just keep her & my sis' family in your prayers. I am amazed by my sisters strength. I will forever be her big sis & want to make everything in life as easy as it should be for her. Life really & truly isn't fair. I know that everything happens for a reason, it's just especially hard when an innocent little creature has to suffer. It certainly puts life into perspective.... The boys & I are going to go visit her & my nephew tomorrow. I can't wait to cuddle her!
Well, J rearranged his front teeth tonight. I'm not a big fan of no photos. He was being silly in the tub & slipped & fell. M started screaming, so I expected the worse. I think that she was more upset than he was. I think he gets why we tell him to stay on his bum.... I still feel ill when I think about it. I hate it when the kids get hurt. I wish that I could take the pain for them. I snuggled him for a bit. He fell asleep & continued to whimper in his sleep. :(
Anyhow, on a lighter are WAY too many photos from 2 senior sessions...I can't decide which are my favs! I went way overboard & these girls ended up w/ about 400 proofs from each of their sessions. I am a spaz! "oh! I love that...let's go over there! Oh! we need a photo there too! Ah! Your eyes look gorgeous w/ that color....wait! the goat is hilarious! let's get him (which turned out to be a her) in some shots". Poor girls!