Friday, May 22, 2009


That is what this family is.... I have known Steph since we were 19? 20? I crack up at photos of us back then...pre-kids....Experiencing my first (& only) falling down drunk, dancing & Erik practically carrying my out of the restaurant at Stephs 21st bday. Wow...that was a proud moment...or not. I paid for it that same night & the next day...We get a good laugh out of it now...both of us would probably be too embarrassed to say what we got drunk on that night. We went through our first pregnancies together. I remember getting the phone call that Steph was pregnant...then I found out that I was pregnant...then I got ANOTHER phone call...they were expecting triplets! Our due dates were within a week or two of each other. We were living in Portland at the time.... Then the day came that Steph was put on bed rest, then admitted to the 24wks? I remember the updates coming, day by day. Her hubby would call...I dreaded those calls, for purely selfish reasons. I felt so guilty for being relieved that my baby was healthy. She was blessed with three little boys growing in her & she would likely lose them.... My heart ached for her. For him. For them. Then the call came...her Eric called & told my Erik that they had lost the boys...I can remember standing in my bathrobe, sobbing, holding my growing belly...I knew why he had asked to talk to Erik & wouldn't talk to me. I hated myself for feeling relief that my baby was ok, yet worried that something would happen to my girl & horrible pain for our friends. I felt so guilty for being so far away when my friend was going through this horrible, horrible thing. Yet, I was glad that she didn't have to see me pregnant. It wasn't fair. The thing is...I don't think that Steph ever said that it isn't fair...that's not her, or Eric. I wish that my heart could be as selfless as theirs. Gosh, It seems like just yesterday, now their family has 3 more beautiful children. Two girls & now a baby boy. I look at him & wonder what his brothers would look like now, at 7. Crazy, it's been 7 yrs. 7 yrs & Eric & Steph have grown so much together. I remember worrying that they would break during that time. They are an inspiring couple. Their love for each other & their love for other families going through similar trials. I have learned so much from them.... Their girls are so much like their mama...little spitfires...tough as nails & just as stubborn as their dad. ;) There are so many photos from their session that make me sob, but I don't want to share them...I want to save a few for a surprise! :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Outdoor Maternity

Just a few pics from a great couple! Erik & I went to highschool with dad. It was great to meet his family & to do some catching up! They were all so great. It was miserably hot & I felt so, so sorry for mama...she was a trooper, as well as Miss A. My favorite shots are the photos of Miss A, following in her daddy's footsteps & doing some "excavating". ;)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This & That

One of my favorite memories of my dad is his love for gardening. He had a fabulous garden at our first home. He was overjoyed when our next home had not one, but two greenhouses. He just had a knack for growing & nurturing plants. I have started becoming interested in growing our own herbs & veggies...we've had a small garden for years. This year, E bought me a small greenhouse. I have been enjoying puttering & playing in there. We have pumpkins, bush beans, bush peas, edamame, cilantro, lavender, a sunflower, tomatoes, cucumber, green onions, black beans, spinach & I'm sure that I'm forgetting something.... I have been feeling an extra twinge of longing for my dad lately. J putters with me in the greenhouse. I remember puttering with my dad. I didn't realize it back then, but those were special days. Anyhow, just a couple of pics of the bush beans & an edamame pushing through the dirt. Oh, I had to add a pic of the frog that we saw at the Safari on Mothers day & a tattered little butterfly. I'll add MD pics at another time...I have a 1yo that's not wanting to nap & crying in his's been a long day......

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Farm Fresh

At two different farms! This senior girl was a first for me...first in the sense that she didn't bring any changes of clothes! She did choose fabulous colors for her session tho. Her eyes, as you can see, are so striking. I don't think that she realized her beauty, or her natural-ness in front of the camera. What a great subject to work with! Her grandparents farm was fabulous too! It was great to have a change of scenery & to visit with such a nice family!

I had a great time with this family! The little guy is at such a fun age...I love the age where they aren't inhibited by the camera...they just do their thing. Little Sis is THE happiest little thing! I thought that K was an easy going baby...she has him beat! I loved their choice of colors did a great job. She is, a pro tho! She is the awesome owner of Blend & has quite a knack for clothing & fashion. Here is the link to her online site, if you aren't local & can't make it into the store. If you are local, and you've been in, you know how fabulous her clothes are. I love shopping in there...I love the one on one experience & feeling like it's all about me. Oh, & check dads shirt...LOVE IT! Yes, you can also find that in Blend! I have bought E clothes from there & love how the shirts fit him...they are sort of tapered in a little bit, so they have some style & don't just hang....