Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A photo update.....

Just a few photos from the past few weeks.....

Monday, March 16, 2009

St. Pauls carnival

was a luau theme.... Here are a few from the night, including Miss M & her prize. :)

Miss M & St. Paddys Day

Well, here is Miss M's leprachaun trap. She worked so hard on it! The kleenex box in the back is filled with enticing treats that a leprachaun could NOT pass up, (along with the shiny ornament - they can't resist shiny)! it has a trip wire along the bottom & the cup falls when the wire is tripped. She caught a penguin instead of a leprachaun...oh, well.... the little suckers are sneaky!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Well, I've joined the land of the irresponsible bloggers! Who has a blog & doesn't blog! Taking up cyberspace with an unused page! Wasteful!
No photos today...I just feel like journaling....
So, K reminds me, on a daily basis that he is more active than the other two ever were, (he can't be pacified). I was sitting at the computer, (it's what I do when I need a time out), I had a handful of m&m's. Mr. K was playing in the living room until he noticed that I had FOOD. Even better, I had CANDY! He runs over in his weeble, wobbly way & puts his hand out. I don't turn away from the computer, I just reach over & drop an m&m into his hand, without missing a beat, I reach back up to my own mouth to give myself an m&m. I think, "hmm...that's not an m&m...it's squishy". I reach up & pull the squishy "thing" out of my mouth. "OMG! K JUST TRADED ME A BOOGER FOR AN m&m AND I PUT IT IN MY MOUTH!". The big kids were rolling with laughter. K is looking back & forth like, "heh? what's so funny?". Keep in mind that I have a pretty weak stomach...I can hardly handle my own kids bodily fluids, let alone eat their boogers! Luckily, none of my own bodily fluids came up. That will teach me to not give him my full attention! It always amazes me to watch his thought process. He'll drag me to the kitchen & point up to a food item on the counter (usually E's cookies). I will tell him no. He goes into the living room & drags the papasan ottoman into the kitchen & climbs up & tries to get what he wants. He is amost 19mo. Why is he big already? He is such a stinker, but melts my heart with his ornery little smile. I still can't believe that we have a 3rd...he wasn't in our plan, but he is so what we needed! I love him so!
We have a speech eval scheduled for J. I am so anxious. Not in an "omg...is something wrong with him" kind of way. Because, I know that he's just fine. We understand him, for the most part. We're around him all the time...so, we know what he's saying. He says words, he is lazy about enunciating. He's a finger sucker & he has had chronic ear infections. They may or may not be factors. There are two things that happen when J says something. First, the person says, "what did you say?". J repeats, (we try really hard not to translate), the person then says, "oh, ya...i think so, (or something totally different than what he said, but they pretend they do know....). Jase looks at them with a look that says, "you have no idea what i said, but you're pretending like you do so you don't have to make me say it again". I really think that he's thinking, "hey idiot, LISTEN". It's so frustrating for him & I am looking forward to somebody helping him, so he can be less frustrated. He'll have fun...it's play/learn time.... He will be five in April. Waaah! He is (& soon won't be) my pocket sized little guy. I hate that his pants are getting short & he doesn't want to snuggle as much. I love my little Buggie.
M has been sick almost non-stop for the last couple of months. It's so frustrating. We think that she's getting better & she gets sick all over again. I am happy that she's doing well in school & is ahead in everything, but I hate that she's missing so much. She & E have been working on her leprachaun trap. She is very mechanical, like E. She had everything planned out. Then she drew a diagram of what she wanted, (OMG. she is her fathers daughter. We have diagrams of EVERY project E has ever worked on around the house. You have to have at least 10 diagrams of the same project because you have to have every scenario/option. I curse graph paper (only because I find it everywhere). I looked at it & knew what she wanted, but didn't have a clue how to make it work. E looked at it & said, "what materials do you think you need". She made a list. They went shopping for supplies & started working on the trap. I'll get some photos when they're finished. It's getting crazy. She's rounded up "bait", (glitter, a Christmas ornament - cuz they like shiny things, fruit, candy & granola, (she wanted water in case he got thirsty). She has been obsessing about this project since she heard about it. She just wants it to be the best. I will have a 7yo in a few short months. How can that be? I remember finding out that I was pregnant with our first & then bringing her home from the hospital. (They let us bring her home & we didn't even have a degree in parenting! We thought they were nuts.) Now she is my big girl. I love the person that she is & is becoming.
Otherwise, I've been staying busy with school carnivals & other events...with some sessions thrown in. Tomorrow, I have basketball photos. Next week is playschool, then a wedding, (I cannot wait for this wedding! it's going to be so much fun! I love this couple!).